Arthur was Good ASC / W&M


Project Location – Liberty, London

Project Completion – March 2017

Contract Value – private

Gross Internal Area – 45sqm

James was one of the founding members of Architecture Social Club and led the design for this Liberty / RIBA sponsored  project. Collaborations still occur between Wignall and Moore and ASC.


1) There once was a city, vice-ridden and squalid, Where fashion was depraved, salacious and horrid; Its designs were all wicked, fabrics hung askew — A senseless and unstylish hullabaloo.

2) By this point couture had quite lost its way But! One man leapt to action, right into the fray!
The single great hope for this town all-at- sea:
Dapper and redoubtable ARTHUR LASENBY LIBERTY.

3) “Arthur was Good”, and Arthur knew best;
‘London SHALL emerge as a place better dressed!’
He worked day and night ‘til the brave drapers’ guru
Built a glorious catalogue (all arranged two-by- two-o).

4) The floods soon descended and submerged London’s streets,
Washed away the tawdry coats, hemlines and pleats.
The waters kept rising and through waves huge and frightening
Arthur sailed on, beneath thunder and lightning!

5) After months on the water Arthur reached a decision
And launched a pigeon to the sky (with astounding precision)
And! To his joy! Sign of land! ‘What a selection!’
The bird came back clutching GUCCI’s A/W 2016 collection.

6) So Arthur returned with a triumphant splash
Bearing bespoke stylings and new, modish panache;
The whole of London toasts him, and throughout the lands
We all can rest easy — fashion’s now in safe

Poem by Eley Williams

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