Beam Camp

Client: Beam Camp International
Winning Competition Entry
Completed July 2011

Beam Camp is a residential summer camp that meets for four weeks each summer in New Hampshire. Beam Campers hone their maker skills with hands-on, minds-on activities throughout the day working on various domains and The Beam Project.

The Beam Project is the centrepiece of each Beam session. It’s an ongoing demonstration that a good plan, perseverance and a skilful crew can bring the biggest schemes to life. It serves as inspiration for the campers to formulate their own plots, plans and projects.
Every summer the camp do and build something never done or built before. Beam commissions a different distinguished artist, architect or general big thinker as Project Master to conceive each camp session’s Project. They design it, Beam Campers and Staff work together to make it happen.

With this competition win Wignall & Moore were commissioned to design The Beam Project 2011 and we developed a narrative based making workshop. The stories of those who never flew, and the re-interpretation of these stories were used to create machines for the imagination. We designed a series of sculptures and machines which were then built by the campers and flown through the New Hampshire forest in ‘The Final Flight of The Machines’


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