Bespoke Products

The studio uses painting and sculpture to test ideas for larger scale proposals. We design bespoke furniture as one-off pieces to install in our interiors projects. A selected number of these items are available for direct sale below.

Landscape splashbacks

We select the most spectacular pieces of natural stone and work with their natural fault lines to create a truly unique backdrop to any kitchen. Bookmatching of marble, granite or dolomite allows for the carved stone slabs to take on the form of a natural landscape.

Three-dimensional cast river – Form vs Floodplain

Using the mapping data for any river in the world and cross referencing it with the flood plain heights, these sculptures take on a three-dimensional form in cast Iron or Bronze. Below is the River Thames.

Copper sulphate encapsulation

Lend us you favourite objects, we will return them encrusted in an organic growth of sapphire blue copper sulphate crystals. Price on application.

Family cornices and bespoke mouldings

Taking the 18th century concept of a cutting portrait or silhouette these plaster cornices are created by extruding a facial profile into an entirely unique moulding

Reworked Koloman Moser Chairs

The late great Koloman Moser (30 March 1868 – 18 October 1918) was an
 artist who exerted considerable
influence on twentieth-century graphic art and one of the foremost artists of
the Vienna Secession 
movement. WAM
have redesigned a series of Koloman Moser chairs using a contemporary colour
pallet which is bespoke to each client.


Original paintings by James Wignall:

Fiona Blues 2017- 920X920mm. SOLD
Rainy Train 2018 – 700X610mm. £1300 + VAT
Wimbledon 2017- 1600x1100mm. £1500 + VAT
Birds 2017 – 400X750mm. SOLD