Concrete Landscape

Ilkley, North Yorkshire, UK

Sculpture commission with landscape design

The painterly approach to the sculpture captures a fantastical sense of excavation, imbuing a sense of mystery and discovery as one descends down the garden towards the structures. This experimental site responsive approach, is typical of the practice which prioritises imaginative solutions that are sensitive to the needs and personalities of their clients.

Working with our ceramicist client, who understood the unpredictable nature of firing and glazing, allowed us to embrace the serendipitous nature of our unique coloured concrete casting process to produce a spectacular series of sculptures.

“Working with Wignall & Moore was an exciting and rewarding experience. My project had been carefully planned and as a team they were thoughtful and reflective throughout. They created a wonderfully collaborative environment and managed their workmen in a calm and respectful way. Their professionalism ensured that my project was delivered on time and to budget and I am delighted with the result.” Azu Fletcher


RIBA Stage 0-7
Sculpture commission with landscape design. Designed from concept design to fabrication and installation.