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Brookwood, Surrey
Est. 2024

Memorial to the Missing

Memorials to the Missing commemorate casualties with no known grave. They are the official place of commemoration for a named casualty and are considered of equal significance to an identified grave. They were intended to be a place where a family could mourn their lost loved one; as Field Marshall Lord Plumer said at the unveiling of one of the most iconic CWGC Memorials, the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial:

He is not missing; he is here’

It is one of the Land Forces Memorials, each of which commemorates war casualties of the Commonwealth armies and other Commonwealth land forces who died in a particular campaign, or theatre of war, within certain predetermined dates.

There are also National Memorials which commemorate war casualties of a single Commonwealth country in a specific theatre of war. They perform the dual role of a national and a campaign memorial, for example, the Vimy Memorial

Over 130,000 Commonwealth servicemen and women are commemorated on our Memorials to the Missing across the UK.

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