Underwater Museum

Killala bay, Ireland

underwater musuem design

“A lost Island is a blank canvas; a lost island is a thousand things.”

Hy-Brasil was first shown on sea charts in 1325 to the west of Ireland, described as a small round island veiled in fog only appearing for one day every seven years. The legend says a single lone sorcerer resides on the island, shrouded in mystery and uncertainty the quest for the phantom Island has never had a conclusion; until now. Follow the exhibition to discover the mystical world of Hy- Brasil.

The museum is separated into three principal zones, following a diving route.


RIBA work stages 0-7:
• Definition of brief in collaboration with Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions
• Scoping and research
• Development of narrative approach
• Concept design
• Testing of physical interventions
• Detailed design in collaboration with G&DG