Vision for Elsecar Ironworks Announced

Vision for Elsecar Ironworks Announced

A new vision for the historic Elsecar ironworks has been announced with design concepts from Studio Wignall & Moore.

Against a backdrop of ancient woodland and mighty furnace ruins, our proposals seek to reference the archaeological evidence of the past without giving the impression of a direct historical representation. Ancient building methods are combined with cutting edge technology to ensure sustainable methods of construction that embody the ethos of Elsecar.

‘Studio Wignall & Moore’s contribution to the scheme includes designs which bring the stunning heritage of the recently scheduled monuments to the fore alongside 21st century technologies. Proposals include new build furnace sheds, worlds class public realm and sensitive renovations to surrounding existing buildings.

We are thrilled by the public announcement of the vision and look forward to seeing Elsecar return to its rightful place at the forefront of technology and innovation.

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